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Understanding Logical Fallacies

Mr. Teacher, Social Studies
Available until 25 Dec, 2025
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Some New Logical Fallacies

Skeptoid PodcastEpisode 217 Aug 2010 12 minutes

Skeptoid looks at some newer logical fallacies, often used in place of sound arguments. Transcript

While listening to this, see if you can determine whether you may have used one of these fallacious arguments yourself.

A Magical Journey through the Land of Logical Fallacies, Part 1

Skeptoid PodcastEpisode 73 Nov 2007 13 minutes

An examination of many of the most common logical fallacies. Transcript

A Magical Journey through the Land of Reasoning Errors

Skeptoid PodcastEpisode 297 Feb 2012 12 minutes

Four common types of analytical errors in reasoning that we all need to beware of. Transcript

Think of one example from popular culture of each of these reasoning errors.